Kruk justifies Rodón's Giants-Yankees fan comparison

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Even though he no longer resides in the Bay, Carlos Rodón recently got Giants fans talking after making comments about their fanbase in comparison to his new team’s, the New York Yankees. 

While there has been a mixed response to the remarks, longtime NBC Sports Bay Area Giants commentator Mike Krukow didn’t disagree with Rodón. 

“It is different -- San Francisco — than the East Coast,” Krukow said on KNBR on Tuesday. “I mean, Philadelphia, Boston, New York. I’ve always said that baseball — and I played in all three — I played in Chicago. I know how fans love their game, but they treat their team like their kids.” 

“And I’ve always said San Francisco treats their kids like their grandchildren.” 

The love is there. But the extreme, sometimes vulgarly passionate East Coast fans are on a whole different level. 

It’s something that didn’t take Rodón long to notice. He signed a six-year, $162 million deal with New York this offseason and pointed out the biggest differences between each fanbase. 

"The fans here want to win. They care. They care a lot," Rodón said (h/t's Bob Klapisch). "Giants fans are invested, but not like in New York. Win or lose, you're not going to get booed in San Francisco."


To refresh your memory, Aaron Judge, who recently re-signed with the Yankees in free agency after flirting with the Giants, was booed last season -- at home -- by New York fans. It was the same season he hit an AL-best 62 home runs and won the AL MVP Award. 

Perhaps Rodón's comments weren’t too far off. 

“Well, the East Coast loves their teams like they love their God. It’s a different gig,” Krukow said. “And you do get booed. You don’t often get booed in San Francisco, but I don’t take offense to what Rodón said at all. I mean, he’s just stating the facts. It’s just the deal.” 

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Not only does Krukow agree with Rodón, he believes the 30-year-old's comments were taken out of context. Kruk even had a direct message to Giants fans. 

“It wasn’t really inflammatory what Rodón said, but the headlines sure were,” Krukow said. “But Giants fan should not be offended as to what he said because he loves San Francisco. He loved the fans. And he has nothing but respect for them. But his observation is absolutely, 100 percent spot on. You don’t get booed in San Francisco like you get booed on the East Coast.” 

In the end, Giants fans can look at is as a positive thing. 

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