Construction of Oracle Park's new outfield bullpens is back underway, and Giants fans might need some time getting used to this view.

KPIX-TV tweeted out aerial footage of the construction Tuesday, showing the bones of what the outfield will now look like at the Giants' home.

The Giants announced plans to move the bullpens in December and how it would affect Oracle Park's dimensions. Triples Alley will cut from 421 to 415 feet, while the outfield wall is a foot shorter, five feet closer to the plate in left center field and eight feet closer in center.

Moving the bullpens will accomplish two things, in the Giants' eyes: Removing the previous injury risk of fielders trying to catch foul balls near the bullpen mounds and making the park a bit less formidable for the Giants' batters.

"[T]here's going to be a fun baseball element," Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi said at the time. "We've done a lot of studies on how we think it's going to impact things but until you actually start playing games and the ball starts flying, you're never quite sure how it's going to go. It'll be a fun and exciting time."

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Since 2008 (the Giants' first season without Barry Bonds), San Francisco ranks dead-last in home runs at home (634). Even with Bonds' years at Oracle Park included, the Giants are dead-last in home dingers (1,262) since the park opened in 2000. Remove Bonds' 160 homers from San Francisco's two-decade total, and the second-worst team (Kansas City Royals) is 166 taters clear of the Giants.

In a home-run-or-bust era, the Giants clearly are hoping every little bit helps bridge that gap.