Oracle Park is one of MLB's most iconic ballparks, and it turns out the Giants' home still looks great in Lego form.

Kavin Mistry, a Bay Area-based photographer, recreated the 20-year-old park with a (figurative) ton of (Lego) bricks and recently shared the finished product on Twitter.

The attention to detail is stellar, as Mistry's Lego Oracle Park faithfully features a soda bottle in left-center field, the video board in center and the massive right-field wall.

Plus, the stadium lights are pretty dang great, too.

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Whether intentionally or not, Mistry's Lego Oracle Park also managed to include a key, true-to-life detail for the 2020 season. The seats are empty in his recreation, just as they will be inside the real thing this season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Giants are going to let some fans have a cardboard cutout of themselves, but why not take a page out of Mistry's playbook and have Lego versions of fans in the stands? Life-sized minifigures -- talk about an oxymoron -- would be pretty cool to see and much more family-friendly than what some pro sports teams have done to put fake fans in real seats.


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