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The Giants have 25 pitchers set to report to Oracle Park on Wednesday for the start of Summer Camp. When they arrive, they'll find the new bullpen mounds are ready for them.

A remodel that was announced in December but delayed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been completed. Here are the first photos of the new bullpens in center field.

The bullpen closer to Triples Alley will be for visitors and the one closer to left field is for the Giants. There's an open area for the batting cage in the middle, which is rolled out behind the plate every afternoon for BP. When fans do eventually return to Oracle Park, they'll find that there are seats overlooking the bullpens as well as terraces that look directly down on them (you can see the terrace in the first two pictures).

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The Giants began construction in December to move their bullpens off the field, where outfielders had tripped over them for years. Construction was shut down in all of San Francisco in March because of the coronavirus outbreak but resumed at Oracle Park in late May. 

The new bullpens will take a significant chunk out of the outfield, making the park slightly easier for hitters. Triples Alley is coming in from 421 feet to 415, the center-field wall is moving in eight feet and the edge of left-center field is moving in five feet. The wall is seven feet tall and includes chain link fencing so players can watch the game. The bullpen also includes bathrooms, with a shower that now might come in handy during a season where social distancing is encouraged. 


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