Did Tom Cruise jinx Giants in NLDS Game 2 loss to Dodgers?

Tom Cruise

The Los Angeles Dodgers might have had a helping hand in their 9-2 win over the Giants in Game 2 of the National League Division Series at Oracle Park on Saturday night.

There are some Giants fans who believe there was something working against the 2021 NL West champs on this night.

As is the case with most MLB playoff games, celebrities are littered throughout the crowd, and on Saturday, actor Tom Cruise was in attendance.

The "Mission: Impossible" star was shown on the jumbotron in the ballpark and on the TBS broadcast. He declined to say which team he was rooting for, only saying that he is a baseball fan.

After the Giants lost Game 2, some fans blamed Cruise's appearance for the blowout loss to the Dodgers.

Cruise has a home in the Los Angeles area, so it's very possible he shows up to Game 3 at Dodger Stadium on Monday.

The Giants' mission, should they choose to accept it, is to overcome the Tom Cruise jinx, however real or imaginary that it might be, and beat the Dodgers two more times.

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