Dodgers' antics with Madison Bumgarner 'minor league,' Jeremy Affeldt says

Dodgers' antics with Madison Bumgarner 'minor league,' Jeremy Affeldt says

Max Muncy vs. Madison Bumgarner quickly turned into the Dodgers vs. MadBum.

Following the dustup between the Giants ace and the Dodgers slugger at Oracle Park on June 9, Muncy trolled Bumgarner in a postgame interview where he revealed he told Bumgarner to "go get it out of the ocean," in reference to the home run he had cranked.

Less than two weeks later, Muncy wore a "Go Get It Out Of The Ocean" t-shirt during batting practice prior to the Dodgers' matchup with Bumgarner at Dodger Stadium. LA tried to troll and poke fun at Bumgarner throughout the game, playing "Under The Sea" during the first inning amongst other things.

Former Giants reliever Jeremy Affeldt, for one, wasn't a fan of the Dodgers' ridiculous antics.

"The Dodgers, they always do stuff like that, they wear their stupid t-shirts or whatever; they make stuff up,” Affeldt said Friday on KNBR's "Murph & Mac."

“It’s easy to wear those shirts when you have 51 wins … and teams do have fun that way,” Affeldt said. “Basically, it was a stupid comment that made no sense. So, now you’re wearing a stupid shirt that makes no sense about a stupid comment. You’re not showing your intelligence there really, but I understand what they’re doing.

“It’s not just that, it’s the shirt thing and then all of a sudden it’s the first inning, Bum’s coming out and they play 'The Little Mermaid' song. And then bases loaded, and they show Lou Seal around sharks in the Bay. You see all these things that they do, and for me, it’s just so minor league when they do that stuff. It’s just not what you do at a big league level.

"But then all of a sudden, if he hits you in the back, and there’s a huge fight that breaks out, you can’t sit there and say ‘well, we didn’t do anything’. No, you egged it on. You egged it on with your shirt. You egged it on without music. If you're going to egg it on, and then it happens, don't be mad that it does happen and then your player gets hurt."

Bumgarner, in what might have been his last start in the rivalry, didn't have a good night at Dodger Stadium. He lasted just 3 2/3 innings giving up six runs in a 9-8 Giants loss.

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The 29-year-old's time in San Francisco likely is coming to an end, but don't think he'll forget about this should he face Muncy and the Dodgers in the future with his next team. 

Watch Giants' Mike Yastrzemski hit solo home run in Fenway park debut

Watch Giants' Mike Yastrzemski hit solo home run in Fenway park debut

You couldn't have scripted it any better.

Mike Yastrzemski, playing his first game in his grandfather Carl's old stomping grounds in the series-opener between the Giants and Red Sox on Tuesday, did what his grandpa did so many times. He launched a home run over the wall at Fenway Park.

The special moment came in the top of the fourth inning, when Yastrzemski blasted a 3-1 fastball off of Boston starter Nathan Eovaldi 401 feet to dead center.

The younger Yastrzemski led off the game and received a standing ovation from the Red Sox crowd ahead of his first at-bat. He ended up striking out, but got the better of Eovaldi the next time around.

The home run increased Yastrzemski's season total to 20, giving the Giants two outfielders -- Kevin Pillar being the other -- with 20-or-more home runs for the first time since 2006 when Barry Bonds and Moises Alou accomplished the feat.

Perhaps most impressive of all, Yastrzemski's 20 homers have come in just 97 games with the Giants.

Not too shabby for a 29-year-old rookie.

Watch Giants' Mike Yastrzemski receive standing ovation at Fenway Park

Watch Giants' Mike Yastrzemski receive standing ovation at Fenway Park

Mike Yastrzemski knew his return to Boston would be a big deal for his family, but he also knew how much it would mean to Red Sox fans who grew up cheering for his grandfather, Carl. Those fans showed their appreciation Tuesday when Yastrzemski stepped to the plate to lead off for the Giants. 

Yastrzemski got a nice ovation from the locals -- and a sizable Giants contingent -- before his first professional at-bat at Fenway Park. He grew up coming to games at the park and considered himself a diehard Red Sox fan. 

Yastrzemski said before the game that he planned to take the moment in. 

"It'll be cool. I don't get wrapped up in moments very easily," he said. "I've kind of trained my whole life to block out situations and crowd noises and stuff, but I think tonight I need to take a step back and get lost in one of the moments and appreciate that and experience it and then we can get back to playing baseball."

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Yastrzemski went down swinging in his first at-bat, but it was still a successful inning for the Giants. As Yastrzemski was settling back into the dugout, Brandon Belt hit a solo shot over the Green Monster.