Of all the victims of the Houston Astros' sign-stealing, the team with the biggest gripe is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

After all, it was the Dodgers who lost to the Astros in the 2017 World Series.

That was the season Astros players and coaches started using technology to illegally steal their opponents signs.

Nearly 11 hours after news broke of the initial punishments for the Astros, the Dodgers put out a statement.

That's right. MLB asked the team most affected by the scandal not to comment on the scandal or the World Series they lost because of the scandal.

If we were the Dodgers -- and we're glad we're not -- we'd be screaming as loudly as possible from the top of the San Gabriel Mountains. But instead, Giants fans get to bask in their three World Series titles, while the Dodgers are still hoping for their first since 1988.

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MLB handed down stiff punishments to the Astros, former general manager Jeff Luhnow and former manager A.J. Hinch, and owner Jim Crane finished the job by firing Luhnow and Hinch. But the Astros got to keep the 2017 World Series trophy.

The Dodgers should be mad, and they should be allowed to let off a little steam.