Duane Kuiper's hilarious home run call that was double in Giants' loss


Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper has one of the best home run calls in baseball. On Tuesday night, his famed call took a wild turn in San Francisco's 5-2 loss to the Colorado Rockies

With two runners on and one out in the top of the fifth inning, outfielder Steven Duggar stepped to the plate as the Giants trailed, 3-0. On a 3-1 count, Duggar hammered a fastball to left field. Kuiper started his home run call with his usual, "IT IS ..." This time, however, he couldn't finish it with "OUTTA HERE!" 

No, instead, Kuiper said to Giants fans, "IT IS ... we don't know." And truly, we didn't. 

The third-base umpire originally called it a home run, which tied the game. But upon further review, Duggar's blast hit the very top of the yellow line on the Coors Field wall. This made a big difference, too. 

While a three-run homer would have tied it up and given the Giants some big momentum on the road, a double just scored two, narrowing the Giants' deficit to one run. Mike Yastrzemski then struck out and Alex Dickerson flew out to end the inning. 

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The Giants didn't score again in the loss. 

Baseball truly is a game of inches ... and hilarious moments from Kruk and Kuip.


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