DENVER -- Well here's something you haven't heard from the Giants' clubhouse since, what, the first half of 2016?

"Everybody is kind of fighting at the bat rack to get up there."

That was Stephen Vogt late Monday, after the Giants had scored 21 runs on 27 hits in a doubleheader sweep of the Rockies. The run total actually is less than would have been expected, given the Giants dropped 19 in the first game. 

The more impressive feat yesterday may have been holding the Rockies to three runs over two games, and for that the Giants can mostly thank Jeff Samardzija and Dereck Rodriguez. They limited how Coors Field-ish the doubleheader got, but it still was a wild one, so here's a look at the numbers to know: 

1999 -- The last time a Giant had a homer in both games of a doubleheader. Barry Bonds had three that day and J.T. Snow had two. Brandon Crawford did it Monday with two in the afternoon and one at night. 

100 -- The number of homers the Giants now have this season. They had 133 last year and should smash that mark. 

21 -- The number of players used by Bruce Bochy in two games. He actually expected to use more; Drew Pomeranz was available out of the bullpen both games because Bochy was concerned he would run out of guys to fill innings. 


16 -- The final total for the Dodgers in their demolition of the Phillies. Monday was the first time that the Dodgers and Giants both scored 16 runs in a game since May 20, 1896, according to Stats LLC.

That's not 1996. That's 1896. 

The New York Giants beat the Chicago Colts 19-4 and the Brooklyn Bridegrooms (really!) beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 25-6. 

11 -- Number of different Giants with a hit, including Rodriguez, who was 1-for-2 in his spot start. 

10 -- The Giants started the day with a .231 batting average, .298 on-base percentage and .388 slugging percentage. Eighteen innings later they were at .234/.300/.395. 

The .696 OPS still ranks 28th in the Majors, but raising it by 10 points is impressive work, especially when you consider they already had 3,500 plate appearances on their record coming into the game. 

9 -- Crawford's batting average jumped from .226 to .240 and he gained 53 points on his OPS. His final tally: six hits, three homers and nine RBI.

Crawford tied Willie Mays and Orlando Cepeda's San Francisco Giants record with eight RBI in one game. When he homered in the second game, he became the first Giant to have nine RBI in one day since the team moved to San Francisco in 1958. 

6 -- Home runs by the Giants. Crawford had three, and Mike Yastrzemski, Buster Posey and Stephen Vogt each hit one. 

4 -- Number of wins the Giants are away from the .500 mark. They haven't been that close since May 7. 

3 -- The combined number of at-bats for Rockies relievers and innings pitched for Rockies position players. That's one way you know you had a bad day. 

0 -- The combined number of RBI and runs from Charlie Blackmon, Trevor Story, David Dahl and Nolan Arenado. From Samardzija in the first game to Will Smith in the final inning of the doubleheader, the Giants did a remarkable job of keeping Colorado's stars in check. 

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Because of all that, we have the most important number of the day: three. That's how many games back the Giants are in the Wild Card standings. The next two weeks are going to be fascinating.