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He’s been a staple at Giants’ home games for over 15 years. A fixture in his kayak, hanging out in the water over the right-field fence at Oracle Park is a man known as “McCovey Cove Dave.”

Dave Edlund has been seen swiping up home run balls in the Bay on your television sets for years with his headphones, donning a sweatshirt with his own name. 

He’s seen it all from his first game in the Cove on Oct. 5, 2001. That was a special year. Barry Bonds was sitting on 70 home runs, attempting to break the record for most home runs in a season. The slugger would finish with an MLB-record 73, although none of the last three were splash hits.

Edlund got his own Bonds ball, but in a unique way. And just wait until you hear his percentages of scoops on balls that land in McCovey Cove.

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You can watch the entire interview and get to know the guy who studies opponents and trains for the season above this post. 

Just be sure to follow the unwritten rules of The Cove. 


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