Ever wonder what happened to Ashkon, creator of Giants postseason anthem?

/ by Jessica Kleinschmidt
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Editor's note: Every Tuesday and Thursday during this sports hiatus, we'll answer questions that Bay Area sports fans long have debated in "Ever Wonder?" Third up in the series: What happened to Ashkon, the creator of the Giants' 2010 postseason anthem?

The Giants' 2010 postseason run was blanketed with “Don’t Stop Believing” blaring in the background, covered by singer/songwriter Ashkon.

Ashkon created his own Giants-themed lyrics to Journey's classic hit, which you probably heard one night in a dive bar you frequented.

The song was the unofficial anthem for that 2010 Giants squad, who went on to win the franchise's first World Series since the team moved to San Francisco in 1958.

So, what happened to Ashkon?

He details what he's up to in the video above, and also discusses where the idea for the song came from. 

It appears he hasn’t aged one bit. 


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