Giants' loss reminded Farhan of funny story from A's days

Farhan Zaidi

Things have been going pretty great this season for Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi and his first-place team. 

The Giants (38-23) own the best record in all of baseball and are exceeding everyone's wildest expectations for the club set before the season.

After a frustrating extra-innings loss against the Texas Rangers Wednesday afternoon, Zaidi discussed his mood, which reminded him of a funny story from his time with the Oakland A's. 

“I’ve kind of been pouting since the game ended if I’m being totally honest," Zaidi told KNBR's "Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks Show." "I have to digress and share that I was thinking about my pouting.

"Obviously, I was with the A’s for 10 years working with Billy Beane and David Forst. All of our offices were in the same hallway over there, us and a few other people. Like many offices, our doors would be open during the day, people are walking in and out of offices all the time. Whenever we made a move that I disagreed with and that I was really unhappy about, I would go into my office and close my door, which was my statement of protest."

Zaidi is known for being a pretty calm and collected guy, but it makes sense that even the best front office executives need a way to blow off steam after a frustrating loss or a move they didn't agree with.

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In the A's front office though, it was hard for Zaidi not to make it obvious that he was upset.  

“Without fail, every time I did that, Billy would storm into my office and go, ‘Farhan, are you in here pouting again?!’ Then we would get into it, and I would be like, ‘no, there was just a draft in the hallway, that’s why I closed my door. I’m calling my mom, she can’t hear me when my door is open.’ My pouting today made me think about my pouting in that story.”

Zaidi doesn't have much to pout about these days with how well the Giants are doing. If things start to fall apart though, Farhan's office door might be closed more and more as the season goes on. 

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