Kapler explains why pregame Casali boxing ritual changed


Gabe Kapler's unique pregame ritual with catcher Curt Casali has been one of the many fun parts of the Giants' season so far, but the manager told Therese Vinal and Carmen Kiew on "Summer Sunday" that they've adjusted the routine for safety reasons.

"We stopped because it was getting dangerous for both of us, it seemed like every time that he would start a game, we got more and more aggressive with those little boxing sessions. So we both agreed that we're going to shift to a hug instead, and we're both happier with that."

Every time Casali would start a game, he and Kapler would engage in a quick shadowboxing session as the Giants took the field on defense.

Casali has been a reliable backup option for Buster Posey at catcher this season, and whatever the routine is seems to be working. The Giants are 29-7 in Casali starts this season, and 35-29 in Posey starts.

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The Giants will need both Casali and Kapler at full strength for the home stretch of the regular season as they try to maintain the NL West lead. So a less dangerous routine might be for the best.

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