People within the game knew there would be days like this, days when the action on the field took a backseat to concerns about the coronavirus. They probably hoped it would not happen on Day 2, however. 

This was a day when there were reminders in camps across the country about how tenuous the bridge to a season is. In the morning, the Braves announced that four players had tested positive, including star first baseman Freddie Freeman and former Giants closer Will Smith. A few hours later, Dodgers lefty David Price opted out of the season over concerns about health.

In between, Buster Posey admitted that he too has considered whether he should sit out the 60-game season. Posey spoke to manager Gabe Kapler in the morning, and later in the day Kapler said Posey has the organization's backing no matter what he decides. 

"He sets a great example of speaking openly about where he stands on things," Kapler said. "This is a very personal decision. Whatever Buster decides to do, myself and the organization are going to support."

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The Giants have said all week that they don't have any opt-outs and don't expect any. But Posey was honest about his concerns, and he a gave voice to others. There are surely plenty who have considered whether this is all worth it.

"I'd be surprised if you asked any player if they gave you a hardline 'no way, I'm not going to opt out ever' answer," Posey said.

Posey said he would continue to evaluate the situation within the game and the country. That's what Kapler expects, and he doesn't expect this to quiet down. Posey isn't alone in expressing concern. 

Mike Trout, the game's best player, said on Friday that he doesn't feel comfortable with this season. Trout's wife is pregnant.

"I've got to be really cautious these next couple weeks," he told Angels writers. 

The conversation jumped up a notch Saturday. It will continue until Opening Day, and possibly throughout this strange season. 

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"I do think it's going to ebb and flow a little bit. I think we've seen even in the first couple of days of camps around Major League Baseball that it's ebbed and flowed," Kapler said. "I don't think anybody really saw some of the announcements today coming. In particular, I think the David Price news was news

"It really is entirely unpredictable. These decisions are incredibly personal. We do have a lot of thoughtful players that are probably going to be thinking a lot about their families right now. I understand that. I respect their position on it and I'm willing to talk about it every day as a result."