The  Giants are set to lose their second-most games in franchise history. After a troubling 2017 season, what are the team's plans headed into an important offseason? 

Bench coach Ron Wotus joined the Marty Laurie Podcast on Sunday and gave a glimpse into Giants' gameplan. 

"We obviously want to add power, we’d love to be able to do that in offense, Wotus said. "But you also need to improve defense, speed, maybe steal more bases and cover the outfield.”

One name Wotus brought up is not a power guy. Speed is his game. And he's not even a free agent. 

"You get a Billy Hamilton type of guy, your pitching improves tremendously right there," Wotus said. "He’s saved more runs than he’s driving in. You can look at this year saying we let in too many runs. So that’s an easy way to help your pitching.

"Now, Billy Hamilton is already signed with a club, but if you can get speed and some other things, you can manage that type of player to help you win ballgames.”

The Giants have already talked with current center field Denard Span about moving to left field in 2018. Heading into final game of the 2017 season, Span, who will be 34 next season, has -27 defensive runs saved. 

In comparison, Hamilton has saved eight runs for the Reds this season on defense while Span has allowed 27. 


On the bases, Hamilton is a blur. Since his first full season in 2014, the 27-year-old has stolen over 50 bases every season.