Maybe a new mustache will help Brandon Belt hit 20 homers in a season.

The Giants' first baseman, just like all of us during the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown, has let his hair grooming go by the wayside.

Belt showed off his new facial hair during a Zoom conference call this week, and teammate Brandon Crawford chimed in with a well-timed Will Farrell joke.

Well played, BCraw. Well played.

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Whenever the 2020 MLB season starts, Belt will begin his 10th season with the Giants.

In 156 games last season, Belt slashed .234/.339/.403 with 17 homers and 57 RBI.

Belt has a fan in new Giants manager Gabe Kapler, who said he doesn't want the 32-year-old to do anything differently.

"I think Brandon Belt looks really good in the batter's box," Kapler told reporters in Arizona in February. "He's kind of an assassin in there in that he's not passive at all. He's very aggressive, but if a pitch doesn't look like he can drive it he's just laying off. When something hangs and he gets a good pitch to hit, he's really taking a good, healthy aggressive pass.


"I just think we value his approach at the plate so much and I think it's going to play very well for him in spring training but ultimately in the season."

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No word yet on how Kapler feels about Belt's mustache, but if it helps him at the plate, we're sure the new skipper won't tell his first baseman to shave it.