Crawford has perfect defense for Cole's spring emotions

Crawford, Giants

Brandon Crawford won't often side with opposing pitchers, but in extreme circumstances, he may make an exception.

Crawford came to the defense of New York Yankees' starting pitcher Gerrit Cole on Twitter on Wednesday, which would normally be unusual. In this case though, it's just a form of brotherly love, as Cole doubles as Crawford's brother-in-law. 

The popular Twitter account @PitchingNinja tweeted a short video of Cole, who didn't look too pleased after he didn't get a strike call during his outing against the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Former World Series champion and now baseball analyst Will Middlebrooks chimed in, lightheartedly poking fun at both the three-time MLB All-Star and the home plate umpire.

That's when Crawford came in with a possible explanation of his own.

But of course, he had to add a little humor to it.

Middlebrooks responded back in agreement, and Crawford did concede that no one really knows because "pitcher be pitchers."

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If there's one thing Crawford knows about Cole though, at least professionally, it's how to hit him. Crawford has faced off against his brother-in-law 20 times in his MLB career and owns a slash line of .300/.300/.450. Crawford last faced Cole in 2018 when the right-hander was with the Houston Astros. The at-bat made for one awkward family cheering section, as Crawford took Cole deep for a two-run home run. 

While that's probably something the family strays from at the Thanksgiving table, at least they can sit back and know Crawford will come Cole's defense when needed.


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