Bruce Bochy is in the midst of his final year as the skipper of the Giants, as he announced before the season that he plans to retire at the end of 2019.

He's also in the middle of his farewell tour, where many opposing teams are paying tribute to the three-time World Series champ.

And while he takes trips down memory lane, some of the stories he recalled were even embarrassing. When he was at Coors Field over the weekend, he remembered a particularly embarrassing moment that happened in Colorado.

"It's hard to say one that stands out," Bochy told reporters, via's Cut4.

"It's funny that the tough ones stand out a little bit more than the good ones. I've seen a few walk-off homers here, but I won't talk about that because I want to stay in a good mood right now."

And he did just that by telling a story when he -- well, fell.

"Probably my most embarrassing moment here was when Bip Roberts was safe at home and they called him out. I ran out to argue and tripped and faceplanted right in the dirt. The next day, Larry Walker had a chalk outline in that spot."

You can vaguely see Boch (the Cut4 article has a clip embedded there), who was managing the San Diego Padres at the time, trip in the background as he heads up the stairs of the dugout to talk to the umpire while Roberts threw off his helmet.


Roberts, now an analyst for NBC Sports California, told me he knew his manager would be out to have his team's back.

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"That was on Boch," Roberts said. "He was going out there to defend us."

Roberts doesn't quite remember the chalk outline then-Rockies outfielder Walker left -- this was back in May of 1995 -- but he does remember that he barely was ever thrown out at the plate during his career.

Perhaps that's why Bochy reacted the way he did.