Chadwick Tromp's dream came true Wednesday night, as he made his major league debut against the San Diego Padres after being called up by the Giants a day prior.

Tromp didn't have the best spring training, but when he returned for Summer Camp in San Francisco, Giants coaches raved about his improvement.

"If I'm going to be honest, probably just mental (adjustments)," Tromp told NBC Sports Bay Area's Amy Gutierrez after learning he'd be in the starting lineup. "Because I feel like I probably put a little too much pressure (on myself) coming into a new team. You've been in an organization for so long, and you want to impress everybody right away. But in this game, you can't do that. 

"You've just gotta stay true to yourself and just trust the work you've put in. I went home during the quarantine. Thankfully, Aruba did a really good job with the virus -- they shut it down early. So, I had an opportunity to work out everyday while I was there, so I took advantage of it and I came here ready."

Tromp's opportunity likely would not have come about had Buster Posey not opted out of the MLB season. Consequently, Tromp has invested lots of time in learning and working with a new pitching staff.

"The pitchers here are awesome," Tromp said. "The pitching staff ... I love all those guys. A lot of the work that I put in comes outside of the field. You sit in your room for so long, and you start thinking, 'How can I make them better?' And by making them better, you're making yourself better at the same time. 


"So I just kept that same mindset everyday and just try to make sure that they're comfortable, but they're also very aggressive and understand what they're doing. Because, I mean, come on, these guys are major league pitchers. They kind of know what they're doing, so your job is just to make them go to that next level -- that "unlock," like we call it. And so, I felt comfortable with them and they feel comfortable with me and I'm happy. Ready to roll."

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If Tromp can capitalize on his call-up, he has every chance to stick around.

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