Giants deny any intention behind throws near Trout's head

Mike Trout
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The Giants were cruising to a much-needed win Tuesday against the Angels. They ultimately finished the job, but not before generating another hairy situation, albeit far less catastrophic than the ones that had taken place in the previous few days.

With a shorthanded bullpen, manager Gabe Kapler gave the ninth inning to Shaun Anderson, who entered to face Mike Trout with a 8-1 lead. Anderson's first pitch was a 95 mph fastball taken for a strike.

His second wasn't nearly as close to the strike zone, as Trout had to back out of the way from being drilled in the head. Luckily, the All-Star slugger was successful in doing so.

But then it happened again.

Anderson's fourth pitch of the at-bat went behind whizzing behind Trout's helmet. He didn't appear to take too kindly to it.

At that point, the umpires convened, likely to discuss whether or not the two throws were intentional. Giants third baseman Evan Longoria had been nailed in the back with a pitch in the top of the fifth.

No warnings were given, though, and Anderson eventually got three outs to seal the 8-2 win.

Kapler was asked about it after the game, and vehemently denied any intention behind the throws.

Meanwhile, Angels manager Joe Maddon criticized Anderson while noting it wasn't "malicious."

On one hand, you can't blame Maddon for being upset. Trout is the biggest star in the game, and naturally, the Angels are going to take exception any time he potentially is endangered.


On the other, though, he's a bit off in his criticism. While Anderson (25) is indeed young, he has pitched over 100 innings in the big leagues, so it's not as if he's inexperienced.

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Even though both sides appear to be on the same page as far as intentionality goes, don't be surprised if the Angels respond as the home-and-home series shifts to Oracle Park for the next two games.