There was a stunning performance on Wednesday during the Cubs-Giants game at Oracle Park, and it wasn't necessarily by someone on the field.

This was a portrayal of Swan Lake. Well, sorta ...

A group of enthusiastic Giants fans took to McCovey Cove with an inflatable, royal swan:

After what seemed like an eternity spent blowing up the display, the group packed the necessities which included beer and liquor, but they also fell victim to some epic Kruk and Kuip commentary to kick off "swan raft mating season."

4.5 stars out of a possible five. I left half of a star off because I didn't see any snacks. 

Those on the inflated swan appeared to be enjoying themselves and keeping their spirits up, even during a 4-1 loss to the Cubs.

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Don't worry. No inflatable swans were harmed in the making of these clips.