Giants feel Stanton meeting went well, but they continue to wait


Giants feel Stanton meeting went well, but they continue to wait

SAN FRANCISCO -- Late in a 98-loss season, Giants coaches and officials often brought up some version of the same concern: "We're not just bad, we're also boring."

It remains to be seen if the next variation of the Giants roster will be much better. But you can say definitively that the race to piece it together certainly hasn't been boring.

Giants officials woke up Monday morning waiting to hear if Giancarlo Stanton will waive his no-trade clause, clearing the way for the Marlins to trade him. At the same time, they are preparing to meet face to face with Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani, a potential two-way star.

Brian Sabean and Bobby Evans already had one big meeting, sitting down with Stanton and his representatives last week in Los Angeles. Per sources familiar with the discussion, the Giants came away from that meeting feeling that it had gone very well. There is increased optimisim in the organization that this will actually happen, assuming Stanton gives his blessing. 

Stanton, though, still has not given an indication one way or the other. USA Today's Bob Nightengale reported over the weekend that he did not eliminate the Giants or Cardinals during separate meetings last week, but there has also been no indication that he has agreed to waive his no-trade clause. The Giants believe they have the right trade package in place, so they've tried to alleviate Stanton's specific concerns. Those include, per sources, financial concerns. Stanton stands to lose somewhere between $20-25 million over the course of the deal by switching from Florida's tax code to California's, and it's believed that his representatives have introduced such issues. 

The Giants are not unfamiliar with this type of play. Johnny Cueto hoped to have the final year of his contract turned into a guaranteed year instead of a club option, and it's possible Stanton's side has introduced the same type of arrangement for his 2028 option. The sides also could agree on changes to his opt-out clause to try and sweeten the deal. 

From a baseball perspective, the Giants appear comfortable with the case they're making. Stanton has brought specific roster-related questions to the team, but the Giants did not -- at least last week -- feel he needed to be swayed by players. Unlike in the past, they did not call in some of their stars, relying instead on Sabean and Evans for a conversation that's believed to have centered mostly around business.

The same will not hold true when the front office meets with Ohtani this week. The Giants can offer him only $300,000, but they are one of seven finalists according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, and the decision will be made purely on baseball terms. In that respect, the Giants feel they have plenty to offer. They already have mapped out a schedule for Ohtani should he choose to try and play both ways in San Francisco, giving him the chance to start every turn and also pile up more than 300 at-bats. At the very least, that presentation was intriguing enough to get them to the finalist round. 

Watch Gorkys make incredible throw home, get rewarded by replay review

Watch Gorkys make incredible throw home, get rewarded by replay review

Gorkys Hernandez's personal highlight reel is going to be pretty long at the end of the season.

On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, the Giants center fielder added a great play to that reel.

With one out and runners on first and second in the bottom of the fifth, Dodgers left fielder Matt Kemp floated a broken-bat single into center. With second baseman Brian Dozier heading home from second, Hernandez came up firing and made a perfect throw to Buster Posey. Posey slapped the tag on Dozier, but home plate umpire Stu Scheurwater called Dozier safe. Immediately, Posey and Brandon Belt pointed to the Giants dugout asking them to review the play.

Hernandez was rewarded as the replay officials on the East Coast overturned the call on the field and ruled Dozier out. The play kept the game tied 0-0.

Giants notes: Why Joe Panik is on the bench for the third straight game in LA

Giants notes: Why Joe Panik is on the bench for the third straight game in LA

LOS ANGELES — The first time the Giants visited the Dodgers this season, Joe Panik won a pair of games with homers. This time around, Panik will leave Dodger Stadium without having made a start. 

Panik was on the bench again Wednesday as the Giants faced a left-handed starter for the third consecutive game. The opening day starter is in a platoon, and while Bruce Bochy thought about having Panik at second base against Hyun-Jin Ryu, he ultimately went with Alen Hanson, noting the latter had a big contribution a night earlier.

Bochy said he’ll keep Panik busy the rest of this trip. The Giants will face three right-handed starters in Cincinnati this weekend and the Mets also are right-handed-heavy. 

“We’ll see a lot of right-handers so he’ll get his at-bats,” Bochy said. “Once we get on the road here it’ll be the other way.”

Panik is hitting just .236 this season and has only two homers since taking Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen deep that opening week. He has a .459 OPS against left-handed pitchers and has given time up to Hanson and Chase d’Arnaud since returning from his second DL stint. 

Panik may start all three games this weekend, and pitchers aside, there’s a good reason to run him out there in New York. The New York native has always played well close to home, posting a .812 OPS at Citi Field. 

“I can’t sit a New Yorker in New York,” Bochy said, smiling. 

—- Jeff Samardzija will face hitters again Friday in Cincinnati. If all goes well, he will start a rehab assignment. Samardzija figures to be about three weeks away from being a rotation option. 

—- Bochy, a day later, on Yasiel Puig: “There are certain players in the league that I think you look at as guys that other players get frustrated with, a lot of drama and things like that. But you know what, the game has changed a lot. It has.”

Bochy has said that several times over the past couple of seasons. He is old-school, but he no longer gets worked up about bat flips and all the excess emotion in today’s game. Some of his players still do, and on Tuesday that cleared the benches. 

Puig was in Wednesday’s lineup. MLB was not expected to hand down any discipline until Thursday.