The nonstop work started the day Gabe Kapler was hired as the Giants' next manager in November. He flew across the country to meet with players individually, had hours upon hours of meetings with existing staffers, and spent a month holding lengthy interviews to fill out what would become a 13-person coaching staff. 

That staff often reports to Scottsdale Stadium before 6 a.m. and stays until it's time to find a spot for dinner. The Giants are trying to overhaul much of an organization, and Kapler had been cautious when answering questions about the excitement of Opening Day because he knew there was so much work to be done before then. 

That work now has taken on a different tone. Kapler's first game with the Giants will be pushed back at least two weeks. MLB on Thursday canceled the remainder of spring training and pushed Opening Day back at least two weeks because of the coronavirus, with the possibility that the season starts much later than that. 

Shortly after the news became official, Kapler told Amy Gutierrez of NBC Sports Bay Area that this was the right thing to do. 

"While we all wish we were able to prepare for our season and be excited for opening day, MLB is taking the steps necessary to keep our players, support staff and fans safe during this time," Kapler said. "Some things are bigger than baseball, and although disappointing, this was a necessary step."


Kapler said the staff still is working through discussions on how to handle the next two weeks. The expectation among some players and team employees has been that the team will stay in Scottsdale and continue to train at Scottsdale Stadium, but no decisions have been announced yet.