When the Giants acquired Gerardo Parra earlier this month, it was somewhat as if the team was seeing a familiar face.

The 31-year-old has 10 seasons under his belt and most of them he's spent in the National League West playing with the Rockies, D-backs, and of course, now, the Giants.

He recently made a joke when MLB Network stopped by during spring training that he would play for every team in the division.

"Are you trying to play for every team in the National League West?" Kevin Millar asked facetiously.

"I'm trying," Parra laughed.

I know what you're thinking. Coors and Chase Field has its advantages, but guess what? Parra can rake at AT&T Oracle Park. 

A .310/.350./.399 career-line at San Francisco.

For you small sample size truthers, this was accomplished in 63 games -- that's 217 plate appearances.

And while he has just one home run in all of those at-bats, it's Oracle so give him a break.

The final two teams in the league could make a run for him once the Bryce Harper sweepstakes are over. 


Maybe ... 

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But, Parra, a two-time Gold Glove Award winner, also talked about the small mitt he possesses and how hard he works to make sure he continues to play.

"I never lose my hunger for the game."

You can watch the entire interview here.