Stat shows Giants vastly improved roster despite odd offseason


No Aaron Judge. No Carlos Correa. No problem?

The Giants went into the offseason with the goal of signing a superstar, hoping to bounce back after a .500 record in 2022 that fell far short of expectations. It didn't happen.

But thanks to some other key additions, like outfielders Mitch Haniger and Michael Conforto, or pitchers Sean Manaea and Ross Stripling, San Francisco boasts MLB's fourth-most improved roster from the offseason's start to now.'s Mike Petriello compiled a list of the league's most improved rosters, using FanGraph's wins above replacement, or WAR, projection for each team both in November and now to determine who had the most fruitful winter.

Despite losing out on Judge in free agency and, well, the entire Correa saga, the Giants added +7.2 WAR this offseason, behind only the New York Mets (+7.7 WAR), New York Yankees (+8.4 WAR) and the Texas Rangers (+9.9) -- and no, the Rangers' Bruce Bochy acquisition doesn't count toward the stat.

"Now we get to the fun part, because the San Francisco offseason is mostly defined by 'trying and failing to sign Judge' and 'briefly succeeding, and then ultimately failing, to sign Correa,' " Petriello wrote. "It’s here where improving the roster and having a disappointing winter can sometimes be the same thing.


"But if you can get past all the stars they didn’t bring in, it’s worth realizing all the solid mid-level players they did manage to acquire."

That's where names like Haniger, Conforto, Manaea and others come in, along with the retention of Joc Pederson and a bullpen boost in Taylor Rogers.

"It’s still a group that’s short a star or three, but don’t overlook the improvements they did make," Petriello concluded.

The Giants franchise is nearly a decade removed from its last World Series title, but the team's dynasty from 2010 to 2014 can serve as a reminder of what can be accomplished by a group of players with one common goal, even though there aren't many big names in the mix.

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With the additions this offseason and a clearly improved roster, could the 2023 Giants return to their former glory? Championships aside, a better-late-than-never follow-up to San Francisco's 107-win 2021 season might not be out of reach.

There are plenty of new names at Giants spring training eager to make a name for themselves, and fans certainly hope the product on the field is as good as it appears on paper.

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