Giants hilariously dress up as Captain Belt's sea men


Brandon Belt has deemed himself captain of the San Francisco Giants, and his teammates have embraced their new leader. 

On Sept. 10 against the Chicago Cubs, Belt played that Friday's game with a large "C" on his chest made out of black tape. 

Belt explained the cosmetic change after the game. 

"You know, somebody has got to step up, and when you're the alpha male on the team it's got to be you," Belt said. "I put the 'C' on my chest and I went to work today, and thankfully it worked out."

To Belt's credit, the Captain title has stuck, and his teammates have, well ... embraced it for their flight to Denver.

That's a serious level of commitment to the joke right there.

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Is it still a joke? We're not quite sure anymore. 

Captain Belt and his seamen have embarked on a treacherous journey to a division title. Holding on to a one-game lead in the NL West with nine to play, hopefully for the Giants, the Captain can steer clear of the iceberg that is the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

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