Giants' Cueto has funny reaction to first substance check

Johnny Cueto, Curt Casali

Johnny Cueto made his first start for the Giants since MLB's new foreign substance check rules went into effect earlier this week, and got his first taste of the awkwardness after a 1-2-3 inning against the Oakland Athletics in the top of the first Friday night. And, as you'd expect with him, it wasn't a dull moment.

Cueto was on his way back to the Giants' dugout when the umpires caught his attention. As he walked back to them for his first substance check, he raised his arms high and spread them wide, like a peacock brandishing its plume.

Cueto, who usually removes his hat after the third out anyway, handed it and his glove to the umps to be checked. He also managed to show them his belt buckle without unzipping and dropping his pants

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A true natural.

Cueto had a big smile on his face as he turned back to the dugout. If there's anyone who can create some fun out of this, it's him.

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