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Giants lay off about 10 percent of their full-time employees

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The Giants have become the latest Major League Baseball organization to undergo a round of layoffs because of the economic hit caused by the coronavirus.

The organization laid off about 10 percent of full-time employees this week, NBC Sports Bay Area has learned. The cuts were distributed throughout the organization and included members of the baseball operations department.

"Yesterday was an extremely difficult day in our organization as we informed our employees that we are eliminating approximately 10 percent of full-time positions due to the unprecedented impact and continued uncertainty of the pandemic on our operations," the team said in a statement. "These reductions include positions in both the business and baseball operations divisions. We are providing a number of employee support programs to those impacted employees, including severance, healthcare and outplacement assistance."

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Furloughs and layoffs have been seen throughout MLB since spring training was suspended in March. The Giants previously had furloughed a group of part-time employees and instituted pay cuts for others. Full-time employees originally had been guaranteed a salary through the end of the regular season, and the Giants later extended that to Oct. 31, but many of those employees no longer will be around next month.

Others have contracts that go deeper in the year, and will be retained through those dates. President of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi said earlier this summer that the Giants would retain all of their minor league coaches and player development staffers through Dec. 31.


The employees who were let go this week will get health care ranging from six months to a year, depending on the length of time they had been with the organization.

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Earlier this week, the Baltimore Sun reported that the Orioles laid off or furloughed 46 employees The Atlanta Braves, who now are one game from a World Series appearance, in September announced a "reorganization" that reportedly cut dozens of full-time employees from the organization, and the Chicago Cubs reportedly let go of about 25 percent of their business side. 

The Giants played the 2020 season with no fans in the stands, losing a significant driver of revenue. They're cautiously optimistic that some will be allowed back into the seats at some point in the 2021 season.