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Lincecum knocked off Baseball Hall of Fame ballot after one year

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Tim Lincecum

The first member of the Giants dynasty to make the National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot didn't last long. 

Tim Lincecum was knocked off the ballot after just one year, failing to receive the five percent necessary to stay on for 2023. Lincecum got nine total votes, good for 2.3 percent. 

This year's ballot was full of players with Giants ties, but they didn't fare well. In his 10th and final year on the ballot, Barry Bonds did not receive the 75 percent needed for enshrinement. He now will need to wait and see if a Hall of Fame Era Committee puts him in Cooperstown. 

Jeff Kent likely will suffer the same fate a year from now. Kent, one of the most productive second basemen in MLB history, finished at 32.7 percent in his ninth year on the ballot. He should get more support next year given how many big names were cleared off the ballot this time around, but he still looks like a strong bet to finish well short of 75 percent. 

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Tim Hudson, a longtime A's ace and member of the 2014 Giants championship team, was knocked off the ballot in his second year. Hudson just squeaked by last year but finished with 3.0 percent this time around. Jake Peavy, his teammate on that 2014 team also got less than 5 percent. Joe Nathan and A.J. Pierzynski, infamously traded for each other, did not come close to making it to a second year on the ballot. 


The most notable non-Bonds development for a former Giant came with Omar Vizquel, the shortstop at Oracle Park for four seasons. Vizquel was hovering around the 50 percent mark the last two years but dropped all the way to 23.9 percent this time around after allegations of domestic abuse and sexual harassment became public. 

The yearly ballot discussion has been dominated by Bonds for five years, but it'll now be a quiet stretch for Giants fans. Buster Posey must wait five years to get on the ballot, but he should end the dry spell, possibly in his very first year. 

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