Giants manager candidates receive advice from Dodgers' Dave Roberts

Giants manager candidates receive advice from Dodgers' Dave Roberts

The Giants' 2019 regular season ends Sunday afternoon.

But that's when Farhan Zaidi's job begins in earnest.

With Bruce Bochy retiring after 13 years as Giants manager, Zaidi is tasked with finding the next skipper of the storied franchise.

Whoever Zaidi hires will have to follow in the footsteps of an icon, so the choice has to be right.

The only other manager that Zaidi has hired is doing pretty well for himself. Back in 2016, when Zaidi was the general manager of the Dodgers, he helped hired Dave Roberts.

All Roberts has done in four seasons is compile a 392-256 record in Los Angeles.

Earlier in September, Roberts told The Athletic how he was able to make a good impression on Zaidi.

“I think the way I stood out, I was authentic,” Roberts told Andrew Baggarly. “I wasn’t trying to please them. I wasn’t trying to say the right thing. I basically showed them who I was and gave them my thoughts on everything: how you manage players or information, what I value as a manager and coach, and they appreciated the honesty and the open-mindedness.”

Roberts made sure to warn Giants fans that the search to replace Bochy won't be quick. There are going to be countless media reports on interviews and meetings.

“It’s going to be a long process,” Roberts told The Athletic. “And they’re going to land on a guy that will fit the Giants for the near term and the long term.”

For all the old-school Giants fans concerned that Zaidi is going to hire a computer geek to manage the team, Roberts has some words that will ease those fears.

“Farhan is one of the brightest guys I’ve come across,” Roberts told Baggarly. “People put him in a box like, ‘He’s an analytics guy, he’s from MIT, so he looks at the world through one lens.’ But it couldn’t be further than that. He’s as open-minded as anyone I’ve ever been around."

“I think the world of him. He’s very process-driven, which you have to be in this day and age with so much media and so much expectations. He does a great job looking at the content of a person and what a potential manager could bring — not only to the players but to the organization and being an advocate.”

The only reported candidate so far is Dodgers bench coach and former A's manager Bob Geren, and Baggarly believes Zaidi could interview 12 to 15 candidates.

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So buckle up Giants fans. This process will take so many twists and turns, it will make you dizzy.

But Roberts believes Zaidi will find the right person to take over for Bochy.

MLB rumors: Didi Gregorius chose Phillies over Giants due to Joe Girardi

MLB rumors: Didi Gregorius chose Phillies over Giants due to Joe Girardi

The Giants added a veteran shortstop Tuesday when they acquired Zack Cosart and prospect Will Wilson in a trade with the Angels for a player to be named later or cash considerations. Wilson was the prize of the deal, but there remains a possibility that Cozart could play a considerable role in San Francisco's middle infield this coming season.

As it turns out, though, the Giants reportedly went after a different veteran shortstop before pursuing the trade with the Angels. Didi Gregorius signed a one-year, $14 million contract with the Phillies on Tuesday, and according to NBC Sports Philadelphia's Jim Salisbury, Gregorius reportedly chose them over the Giants in part due to the presence of Phillies manager Joe Girardi.

Gregorius previously played under Girardi with the Yankees, and it would appear they enjoyed their time together. While his offensive numbers might have been inflated somewhat by Yankee Stadium, Gregorius remains a standout defender and he was worth at least four WAR in both 2017 and 2018.

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The Giants absorbed the entirety of the $12.67 remaining on Cozart's contract, so there isn't much of a price difference between he and Gregorius. That said, the fact that San Francisco was able to acquire the Angels' No. 4 ranked prospect along with Cozart likely made that the more prudent acquisition.

MLB rumors: Dodgers shifting focus to Madison Bumgarner in free agency

MLB rumors: Dodgers shifting focus to Madison Bumgarner in free agency

Heading into free agency, the Giants made it clear that Madison Bumgarner had earned the right to go anywhere he wanted. A couple days into the Winter Meetings, that sentiment likely remains the same, but they'd be lying if they said they didn't have a preference where he ended up.

Now that Gerrit Cole reportedly has agreed to a record-breaking nine-year contract with the New York Yankees, San Francisco apparently inched closer to its greatest nightmare.

The rival Dodgers were considered to be a finalist for Cole, and apparently they didn't waste any time pivoting once the news broke. Giants fans really, really, really won't want to hear the direction in which Los Angeles reportedly is pivoting, though, according to MLB Network's Ken Rosenthal.

If you need to go rinse the vomit taste out of your mouth, go for it. You're certainly not the only Giants fan doing so.

After everything Bumgarner achieved in San Francisco, it's unbearable to think of him exchanging his orange and black for Dodger blue. I mean, think of all the run-ins Bumgarner has had with LA over the years. Yaisel Puig. Max Muncy. Go get it out of the ocean? How about we just get this rumor out of here.


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Bumgarner is expected to receive a contract in excess of $100 million, and the Dodgers certainly have the ability to afford him. So do the Giants, though, and as NBC Sports Bay Area's Alex Pavlovic notes, they might be forced to revisit the situation due to their rival's reported interest.

And guess which two teams face each other on Opening Day?

The Giants are used to seeing MadBum take the mound on the first day of the season. For the sake of all that is good and holy, let's hope they don't have to learn what it's like to go against him in that situation.