One of the most wonderful days of the year.

Opening Day in MLB is a special time, marking the dawn of spring and ushering in a brand new season of baseball.

But the coronavirus outbreak has indefinitely caused baseball and all other sports across the country to be indefinitely postponed as social distancing becomes standard practice.

The Giants initially were scheduled to face the Dodgers in Los Angeles on Thursday, but broadcasters Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper still virtually joined NBC Sports Bay Area to talk about the big day.

“Mike always refers to a season as a book,” Kuiper told Amy Gutierrez. “And Opening Day really is chapter one. I never counted spring training to count anything having to do with part of that book, because those games don’t count. 

“In our eyes, it’s a holiday.”

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Krukow harkened back to the anticipation that comes with Opening Day as a player.

“Then when they announce you,” Krukow said. “And you get to trot out there on the baseline, that’s the greatest thing. Because that means you made it again to that baseline, which is the goal of every professional athlete, to be on that baseline on Opening Day.”

If we can’t have Giants baseball live, at least we can hear from the two television voices most synonymous with the organization.