If MLB and the MLBPA ever reach a deal, the Giants are likely to hold Spring Training 2.0 at Oracle Park, frantically getting dozens of pitchers ready for a season that figures to be heavy on the use of relievers.

The ballpark will be ready for all those bullpen arms whenever they arrive. 

The Giants posted another update on construction at the ballpark, showing that the bullpens that have been moved to center field are nearly complete. They have grass! They have four mounds and four plates! (They don't have an agreement on how the sport can safely resume, but let's focus on the positive for now.)

The Giants had to halt construction when COVID-19 shut down the city, but they picked back up in late May and hope to have everything done in the coming days. You can follow the progress on their website and see how the bullpens have been built since the team announced the change in December.

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If you have forgotten since that initial announcement, the Giants are bringing Triples Alley in from 421 feet to 415, with the center field wall moving in eight feet and left-center moving in five feet. 

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