Giants, A's to play two exhibition games ahead of 2020 MLB season

Giants, A's to play two exhibition games ahead of 2020 MLB season

It turns out there will be a preview for the Bay Bridge Series in 2020.

The Giants and A's will play two exhibition games against each other next week, with each hosting one of the contests.

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Coronavirus forced a reduction of the 2020 regular season to just 60 games, but the rival squads still will play their normal six-game season series, with three games in San Francisco from August 14-16 and in Oakland September 18-20.

Although fans won't be in attendance for either the exhibition or regular-season contests between the Giants and A's in 2020, the crosstown rivalry likely will bring an added intensity to the matchups.

For many fans, it'll just be nice to have some live Bay Area baseball back on the airwaves.

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Padres troll Giants, Dodgers with hilarious fun fact about Max Muncy

Padres troll Giants, Dodgers with hilarious fun fact about Max Muncy

Things were simpler for the Giants a year ago.

I'm not even referring to the global pandemic-shaped elephant in the room, or the coronavirus' impact on baseball and society writ large. No, I'm thinking of the fact that Madison Bumgarner still wore orange and black in 2019, and his beef(s) with celebrating hitters were still on the minds of Giants' fans. 

The San Diego Padres, apparently, also pine for that simpler time. A fun fact about Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Max Muncy on the Petco Park scoreboard called back to the Bumgarner era on Monday night, reminding us that the man sometimes known as Mason Saunders and Muncy traded verbal barbs last season.

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You might not remember the particulars, considering everything that happened in the 421 days between Muncy telling Bumgarner to fetch Muncy's homer "out of the ocean" and the Padres alluding to it Monday.

Muncy said he said as much to Bumgarner when the former Giants pitcher ... took issue with the speed at which Muncy rounded the bases.

A hydrological debate over whether or not McCovey Cove, and thus San Francisco Bay, could be considered an ocean followed suit, as did Muncy and the Dodgers capitalizing on the dinger. Muncy wore a shirt with his retort when the Dodgers and Giants played again less than two weeks later, and the Dodgers were set to give out bobbleheads immortalizing Muncy's trash talk this season. That'll have to wait until 2021 at the earliest, as no fans are allowed in MLB ballparks this season.

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Of course, considering the last few months, 2019 will feel like ancient history by the time fans can safely attend baseball games. A long-past Muncy-Bumgarner feud probably won't be top of mind for anyone at that point.

The Padres might need to provide a few more scoreboard reminders of it in the meantime.

Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper give George Kontos hilarious analyst advice

Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper give George Kontos hilarious analyst advice

George Kontos entered the first day of his new life Monday. The former reliever made his debut as a Giants analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, appearing on "Pregame Live" and "Postgame Live."

Prior to the Giants' 7-6 loss to the Colorado Rockies, broadcasters Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper gave Kontos some advice before his debut. To no surprise, Kuiper went the more comedic route, too.

"Well, my advice is going to be the best one, and it's going to be the simplest one before I hand it over to Mike," Kuiper said. "If you think you're really going to say something stupid, just stop and tell everybody that you have to take a pee." 

Kontos, who pitched for the Giants from 2013 through 2017, couldn't help but laugh at Kuiper's supposed advice. 

"I'll remember that, absolutely," Kontos said. "That's great advice." 

Krukow went a little more literal while still keeping it light for Kontos. 

"George, no cuss words -- not allowed," Krukow said. "And No. 2, listen to your play-by-play guy or in this case, listen to [Greg] Papa. He will bring you in, he will let out and he will cover your mistakes.

"Trust him."

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Kontos, 35, had an eight-year big league career. He last pitched in 2018, when he suited up for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees that season. Over six seasons with the Giants, he went 15-14 with a 3.05 ERA. 

Kontos also won the 2012 World Series as a member of the Giants and proudly sported his ring on the air. 

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