Giants to see less of Yasiel Puig after blockbuster Reds-Dodgers trade

Giants to see less of Yasiel Puig after blockbuster Reds-Dodgers trade

So, there was a trade -- a big trade. And it sent Yasiel Puig out of the NL West.

According to multiple national reports, the Cincinnati Reds acquired the outfielder, left-hander Alex Wood, outfielder Matt Kemp, infielder Kyle Farmer and cash from the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for pitcher Homer Bailey and minor league infielder Jeter Downs and pitcher Josiah Gray.

The Dodgers are releasing Bailey, but the trade lets the Giants see less of Puig -- and gives us an excuse to bring up the brawl.

You remember it -- Nick Hundley's shove of Puig that set off a bench-clearing altercation between the Giants and the Dodgers in August.

Good times.

With Puig leaving the division, this will cut down the time the two will meet. And by the two I mean the Giants against Yasiel Puig -- he appears to be such a thorn in their side.

In 2014 alone, he slashed a .313/.387/.612 with a few home runs in 17 games. Those numbers definitely dwindled over the years, but even last season when his batting average was a minute .183, he made up for it with the tumultuous outing that caused Hunter Pence to use all of his strength to hold back the-then Giants catcher. 

But at AT&T Park, Puig somehow manages to find a way to dominate. 

In 162 at-bats in San Francisco, he boasts a .290 average and a .798 OPS with three homers thrown in there. That's not easy to do in a park like that.

So, Giants fans now can breathe a sigh of relief that they don't have to stress seeing Puig's productive bat or worry about booing him when he approaches the plate.

But ...

Puig still will be in town a few times this season, so it's not a goodbye, it's a see you soon.

Giants misplay grounder in shift, can't recover against Braves

Giants misplay grounder in shift, can't recover against Braves

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Giants did not take batting practice on Wednesday or run through any pregame drills on the field, but even with a six-hour workout they probably would not have practiced the play that helped put them in a deep hole. 

Jeff Samardzija should have been out of the second with the game still scoreless, but the Giants botched what looked to be an inning-ending double play. Ozzie Albies hit a one-hopper back to the mound and Samardzija spun to throw, but there was a shift on, and third baseman Evan Longoria, playing short, did not cover the bag. Shortstop Brandon Crawford, playing where a second baseman usually would, also did not cover. 

After a 9-2 loss, Samardzija called it a "freak thing," "unfortunate" and something the Giants hadn't really worked on. 

"I turned around and really just saw center field," Samardzija said. "I tried to lead one of them to the bag and obviously at that point it was too late. There are a lot of great things about the shift, but sometimes it does get guys out of position."

The Braves ended up with two on and one out, and Dansby Swanson blasted a flat cutter into the left-field seats for a three-run homer a few batters later. Freddie Freeman made it 6-0 two pitches after that with a solo shot to right-center. Samardzija mixed a costly wild pitch into the rally, too. 

Manager Bruce Bochy said the miscommunication in the shift was something the staff and players would discuss. 

"They're not set up like that very often, but it's all about communication and knowing who has got it," Bochy said. 

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In Cincinnati or Denver, perhaps the Giants would have rallied. But this being Oracle Park, the rest of the night was a slow crawl to loss No. 27.

All six runs on Samardzija's line went down as unearned. He said he was happy with the way he battled after the early mistakes. But that second inning was all it took. 

"You've got to be on your game the whole time and can't give them extra chances, and if you do, you've got to shut the door," Samardzija said. 

Watch Giants playoff hero Cody Ross sink hole-in-one at Pebble Beach


Watch Giants playoff hero Cody Ross sink hole-in-one at Pebble Beach

Cody Ross is famous for a few particular swings during his tenure with the Giants.

He has since retired, but apparently still has a knack for the memorable moment.

On Wednesday, the former playoff hero was jumping for joy again, but this time, it was due to a different sort of athletic achievement.

Ross, of course, was named the 2010 NLCS MVP and hit five home runs in the 2010 postseason on the way to the first of three Giants' World Series titles in a span of five years.

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Clearly, he can still put a good swing on a ball.