Editor's Note: The video above is a compilation of sights and sounds from the Giants' 2014 World Series parade.

Last year, the Giants and Royals engaged in an epic seven-game World Series with Madison Bumgarner and Co. bringing home their third title in five seasons.

Sunday night, the Royals redeemed themselves by defeating the Mets in the 2015 World Series.

With the crown of "reigning world champions" moving from San Francisco to Kansas City, the Giants decided to send a congratulatory gift to Kauffman Stadium Monday for team staff members planning the parade scheduled for Tuesday.

The Giants called a Minsky's Pizza establishment located seven miles from the Royals' ballpark and ordered 25 pizzas to be delivered to team staff members working hard to organize the victory parade.

The delivery included the note:

"Dear Royals,
Have fun planning the parade!
Enjoy the ride!
The San Francisco Giants"

The employees at Minsky's were pretty excited to make and deliver the gift to the Royals.

“The San Francisco Giants just called – and they want to send 25 pizzas to Kauffman Stadium for the Royals and their staff,” said Kenny Kantner, Manager and Partner for Minsky’s at 51st and Main, according to the company's website. "It was a pretty exciting moment – especially when the Giants wanted to include this note: ‘Have fun planning the parade – and enjoy the ride!’