Giants Twitter erupts as season ends on bad strike-three call


The Giants' 2020 season ended Sunday in disappointment and anger.

The disappointment was understandable. They missed a golden opportunity to make the expanded NL playoffs in a year they were supposed to be in rebuild mode.

But the anger was a bit harder to swallow. Home plate umpire Rob Drake ended the Giants' season with a terrible third-strike call on Austin Slater, who immediately threw up his hands in disgust. The Giants lost 5-4 to the San Diego Padres.

If the Giants had beaten the Padres, they would have punched their ticket to the playoffs and traveled to Los Angeles to take on the Dodgers in the Wild Card round beginning Wednesday.

Manager Gabe Kapler was visibly upset and barked at Drake from the dugout.

As for Giants fans? They were livid and let Drake have it on Twitter.

And to add injury to insult, Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich believes Drake's call was right.

So, because of Drake's call, the Brewers secured the final playoff spot in the NL and will face the Dodgers in the first round.

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It's a brutal way for the Giants' season to end. They'll certainly have a bitter taste in their mouth for the entire offseason.

Hopefully for Drake, he's not assigned to a Giants game early in the 2021 season. They still might not be over what happened Sunday.