How Joe Montana heckled Dodgers player during Giants game

Joe Montana -- 49ers, Giants

When Jerry Hairston Jr. was waiting in the on-deck circle prior to one of his at-bats against the Giants, he heard some heckling behind him.

That’ll happen when you’re in a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform playing at Oracle Park. 

He ignored the chatter at first, but before his second at-bat, he finally looked over to see who was causing all the ruckus. Oh, it was just legendary 49ers quarterback Joe Montana.

No big deal.

Well, it might have mostly been Montana’s friend, who was sitting next to him at the game, who kept hounding Hairston Jr. 

“I look over and I said, ‘Dude, relax,” I said, ‘Joe -- you can say whatever you want to,’ he can do whatever he wants. The other guy, ‘You need to shut up, man,’” Hairston Jr. said on Balk Talk.

“I told Joe, we did a signing years ago together,” Hairston Jr. explained. “I asked him about that, and he goes ‘Man, I remember that!’”

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Hairston, who had a 16-year MLB career, said he and Montana began chatting it up a bit during the game, but Hairston needed to cut it short since he had to go hit. 

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“But yeah, it was really cool to get heckled by Joe Montana in San Francisco,” Hairston said.

Hey, it’s a lot of pressure to put on a Dodgers uniform and hit at Oracle Park -- but you add a Hall of Fame quarterback into the mix, and manage to handle it gracefully … that’s success in my book.