How Krukow reacted to wild Cardinals-Rockies Arenado trade


Two tweets perfectly explain the Nolan Arenado trade

Yes, the St. Louis Cardinals won the deal. 

On Friday, the Colorado Rockies agreed to trade their star third baseman, Arenado, to the Cardinals for five players -- four of which are middle-of-the-pack prospects. The Rockies also are sending the Cardinals around $50 million, paying big bucks to ship off their superstar for some reason. 

Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow couldn't believe the news, and knows it will affect the Rockies for more reasons than just Arenado's play. 

"That's a wild trade," Krukow said Tuesday morning on KNBR's "Murph & Mac" show. "And it's a wild trade because of just what he represented to the organization, the Rockies organization and the City of Denver. I mean, he's your poster child.

"We saw what happened after Paul Goldschmidt left Arizona. There was an outrage with the people there because of how good of a guy he was and how good of a role model and how great of a player he was. He was the perfect Diamondback, a guy you thought would never leave. Now, we see it happen with Nolan Arenado."

Arenado joins Goldschmidt as stars that were traded out of the NL West to the Cardinals in recent years. The Cardinals now have two of the best right-handed hitters in the game in their lineup. They also have two of the greatest Giants killers ever. 

While Rockies fans have to be shaking their heads right now, Krukow knows the Giants couldn't be happier.


"I think every Giants fan is thinking, 'All right, out of the division. That's good, I don't have to think about that guy anymore.' I mean, Arenado's numbers his whole career against San Francisco, it's crazy," Krukow said. "You can say the same thing about Goldschmidt. He was the Lincecum slayer, which at that point in time we didn't even think was possible.

"They're up there with anybody you can think of." 

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For context, Arenado has hit .291 with 31 home runs -- his most against any opponent -- 104 RBI and has a .910 career OPS in 132 games against the Giants. Even in a down year, three of his eight homers last season came against the Giants. 

Goldschmidt is a .289 hitter against the Giants with 24 homers, 91 RBI and a .925 OPS in 141 games against the Giants. He didn't face the Giants last season, but he did hit .391 with two long balls and 12 RBI against the Giants in his first season with the Cardinals two years ago.

Between the two, Arenado and Goldschmidt have combined to hit .290 with 55 homers against the Giants in their big league careers.

Giants fans everywhere are tipping their caps to Colorado, and dreading July 5 -- the first time they're set to face Arenado, Goldschmidt and the Cardinals this season.

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