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How MLB playoffs schedule impacts Giants' outlook

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The Giants know at this point that they're going to be in the playoffs. Now they know when they'll be playing if they keep advancing.

Major League Baseball announced a finalized postseason schedule on Wednesday morning, with the games starting Oct. 5 and potentially going through Nov. 3. The World Series will start Oct. 26 at the ballpark of the pennant winner with the best record. 

As it stands right now, the Giants -- who have a 2 1/2 game lead in the NL West -- would open up Friday, Oct. 8 against the winner of the Wild Card Game. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds are currently in position to play in that game, which would take place Oct. 6. 

The Giants, who hold a massive lead over the teams chasing the second Wild Card spot, are just about a lock to play their first postseason game at home. They would either host the Wild Card Game winner or host that game if they're unable to hold off the Dodgers over the final month of the regular season. 

The American League Wild Card Game will kick off the postseason on Oct. 5. At the moment, that would be a monumental Yankees-Red Sox showdown. The A's are currently two games back of the second Wild Card spot. 

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Here's a look at the full postseason schedule:

And before you start yelling about jinxes, here's something that might have snuck up on you: At 81-44, the Giants currently have a 99.9 to 100 percent chance of making the postseason, per the leading projection systems. They have had the National League's best record for 101 days. 


The Dodgers have the same odds. All that's left now is to decide which team will have to play a winner-take-all game before the NLDS begins. 

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