Pence reveals which MLB player reminds him of himself

Hunter Pence

Hunter Pence is a one of a kind. 

From his quirkiness off the field to the way he played the game, baseball fans haven't seen a player like him before. His swing was herky-jerky, moving too many ways to count. He threw the ball like an even more awkward Uncle Rico, and yet it worked for 14 years in the big leagues. 

It's hard to pinpoint any major league player today that's like Pence. It's not that hard for him to come up with a name, though. 

"Man, there's a lot of them that are super fun to watch. But if you were to say the one that reminds me of me, it's gonna be kind of weird, but it's David Fletcher," Pence said Wednesday morning on 95.7 The Game's "Morning Roast." "And it's not because of the size or anything, he just plays as hard as he can no matter what the score is, no matter anything -- he is running as hard as he can to first."

Fletcher, 26, is the starting baseman of the Los Angeles Angels. He stands just 5-foot-9 and doesn't hit with much power. 

But he plays with non-stop hustle and hit .319 last season, finishing 17th in AL MVP voting last year. 

"I guess my vision of myself was I'm coming out here with my hair on fire and playing like a madman," Pence said. "I can't control whether we win or lose. I can't control whether I do great or anything, but I can control leaving it all out here.


"I can feel that from him and it inspires me." 

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Pence inspired plenty of young fans playing the game in his own unique way. He was a four-time All-Star, two-time World Series champion and forever will be a Giants fan-favorite.

You're not going to find many like him. Fletcher might be as close as it gets today.

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