Why Pence wouldn't trade Giants prospect Ramos 'for anything'


The Giants' farm system is loaded with exciting talent, with a bunch of prospects knocking on the door to the big leagues. President of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi has been building for the future while trying to compete in the present.

It turns out that the Giants winning ways this season may force their hand into bolstering their roster at the July 30th trade deadline

Currently sitting in first place in the NL West with a record of 25-16, the Giants are (by most accounts) overperforming expectations. But there still is a long way to go before we can pencil the Giants in as an NL playoff contender. Right now though, their balanced lineup and dominant starting pitching should allow them to hang around in the playoff picture for most, if not the entire season. 

If they were to upgrade their roster at the deadline, chances are they would address the bullpen, which has been rather shaky this season. 

Former Giant Hunter Pence joined "The Morning Roast" on 95.7 The Game on Tuesday to discuss the Giants and what they might be looking for at the deadline.

Do Zaidi and general manager Scott Harris owe it to Giants' veterans to make a push to acquire talent as the deadline with the team likely to be in contention? 


“I don’t know if you would ever say that it’s ever ‘owed to' the veterans, we’re all here to work and play the game that we love, and they’re playing to win," Pence said. "Farhan [Zaidi] wants to win himself. It’s for all of us, it’s everyone together.

"You’re making a decision for everyone, the fanbase, the organization, the ownership, and we’re all a team. So you have to be smart with these decisions because you know, they have good tools and weapons as is, and good chemistry. Would you want to add some veteran bullpen [arms], I think so, but at what cost?"

If the Giants are to address the bullpen or any area of significance before the deadline, chances are it won't be cheap. If you're a team that's looking to compete, but also build for the future, what are you OK with giving up at this point?

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“If you ask me, I don't trade [Heliot] Ramos for anything. That guy is really exciting, he’s going to be incredible. I think you have so many starting pitchers that can come back and get healthy. To get a bullpen pitcher or two, as long as it’s not costing you much, I do think that’s something they should definitely look into."

Pence is confident in the Giants, claiming that they are the "real deal." If San Francisco is to make a run at a spot in the playoffs, Pence doesn't believe any big moves will be necessary. 

"I think the Giants are the real deal, I think they’ve been doing this for a while, and they’re going to continue to be playing good baseball. They’re just built really well. I don’t think they need to make some overhaul, huge trade. The one piece that I’m never trading is Ramos.”

The Giants should remain competitive most of the season with the talent they currently have on the roster. Maybe the promotion of one Heliot Ramos could put the Giants over the top as they make a run towards October. 

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