Peavy reflects on Posey's infamous throw, summing up star


Jake Peavy was frustrated over what he believed to be a swing from Jake Lamb, when Buster Posey just calmly threw the ball back to his pitcher as he was having words with the third-base umpire. Despite the fact that Peavy clearly wasn't looking, the ball managed to miraculously land in Peavy's glove as Buster showed off his incredible accuracy.

Peavy spoke with NBC Sports Bay Area virtually as Posey announced he was retiring after 12 seasons with the Giants, and spoke about the amazing moment.

 "That's just Buster Posey in a nutshell, who else could pull this off?" Peavy remarked Thursday.

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Posey even took an extra step out from behind the plate to make sure Peavy was not hurt or frustrated with him after the throw landed so perfectly.

Luckily for Giants fans, Posey left an entire catalog of unforgettable moments during his time with the franchise.

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