Cueto hilariously explains rationale behind first stolen base

Johnny Cueto

Johnny Cueto probably gives Giants first base coach Antoan Richardson nightmares when the pitcher reaches base.

Cueto is a free spirit, and he has been having a lot of fun on the bases this season, Friday included.

Early in the Giants' 6-4 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates at Oracle Park, Cueto walked in his first at-bat against Pirates starter Chad Kuhl.

Most pitchers simply would stay put at first base, barring a base hit that forces them to run. Cueto is not most pitchers.

When LaMonte Wade Jr. struck out on a 3-2 slider, there was Cueto, taking off for second base, likely making Richardson's heart stop.

But amazingly, the Pirates didn't throw down and Cueto stole his first career base ... standing up.

After the game, in which Cueto gave up three hits, three earned runs and struck out seven in five innings, he was asked about his burst of speed.

"It's something I've been thinking about for a long time," Cueto told reporters through an interpreter. "I've been joking with the first base coach and I told him I'm going to steal the first base, and the coach kept saying 'No.' And I told him, 'You just give me the green light and I'm going to steal the base.' And that's what I did. I stole the base."


Like a true base stealer -- think Rickey Henderson -- Cueto was picking up tendencies from Kuhl.

"I read his feet," Cueto said. "I figured as soon as he lifts his hands and puts them at his chest, I was going to take off and that's exactly what I did."

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Cueto has one hit and now has walked three times this season. He's not necessarily an on-base machine, but there's a good chance he'll reach base again over the final two months of the season. So should fans expect more stolen bases?

"No, no, no," Cueto said. "I don't think so, but if they give me the green light, I'll go ahead and take it."

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