Cueto hilariously loses helmet on swing, reaches on error

Johnny Cueto on base

Johnny Cueto doesn't have a hit in an MLB game since Sept. 19, 2017, but his at-bats this season have become must-see TV.

That was the case during the Giants' game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Oracle Park on Tuesday night.

Batting with two outs in the bottom of the fourth inning, Cueto hit a soft floater over second base. Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong tried to catch it but the ball squirted out of his glove and Cueto was able to reach first base.

It very well could have been Cueto's first hit in nearly four years, but the official scorer ruled it an error on DeJong.

Regardless of the ruling, the best part was what happened on Cueto's swing.

Cueto, who routinely will remove his helmet when he has to run the bases and always takes his hat off the moment he records the third out of an inning, had his lid come off all on its own this time.

The smile on Cueto's face when he reached first base was priceless.

Cueto doesn't have a hit this season, but he has reached base on two previous occasions -- both walks -- and hilariously threw off his helmet when running the bases against the Philadelphia Phillies on June 18.

Cueto scored against the Phillies three weeks ago, but on Tuesday, he was stranded at second base, deprived of the chance to fling his helmet and sprint for the plate.