Cueto's shimmy hilariously compared to Barkley's golf swing


Johnny Cueto’s shimmy on the mound before he pitches introduces itself before he does. But does it compare to another legend?

The famous windup of the two-time All-Star pitcher showed with an incredible "triple shimmy" on Friday in the Giants’ 3-1 win over the Colorado Rockies. The Giants' home opener at Oracle Park in front of fans felt like old times, and not just because of Cueto’s moves.

MLB Twitter's famous pitching mechanics guru "Pitching Ninja" compared Cueto’s windup to that of NBA legend Charles Barkley when he’s on the golf course, and you can kind of see it. 

I think we know who we would rather have on the bump, however.

Cueto was sensational across 8 2/3 frames. He struck out seven, giving up four hits, one earned run and one walk.

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The shimmy was embraced across the league, and I think we could all admit it would trip us up too. 

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