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Kapler says Blake shooting shows need for constant 'outrage'

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Gabe Kapler kneeling during anthem

The Giants have won six straight and have the Los Angeles Dodgers coming to Oracle Park for a big three-game series, but as manager Gabe Kapler and his staff prepared for Tuesday's opener, they took a moment to step back and discuss another horrific shooting. 

Kapler said Sunday's shooting of Jacob Blake was discussed in the daily coaches meeting. Blake, a Black man, was shot repeatedly by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Blake's father confirmed to NBC News his son is paralyzed from the waist down. The shooting was captured by cell phone video and led to new nationwide protests over racial injustice

"When George Floyd was murdered, many spoke up and said that our outrage couldn't simply be a thing of the moment, but should be sustained and we should have a push for real change," Kapler said. "What happened to Jacob Blake is just another reminder that systemic racism and racial inequality don't go away simply because we lose our focus or because we get tired, and we have to keep fighting for the most equal and just society because change is not coming without us speaking up and taking action."

Kapler made national news when he took a knee during the national anthem for the first Giants game of the season, along with several of his players. The spotlight is no longer on the anthem every night, but Kapler and multiple Giants have continued to kneel. When he spoke about the killing of Floyd in July, Kapler said the clubhouse would continue to discuss racial inequality throughout the season. He was adamant that it was an issue near and dear to his heart and that he would continue to push for change


"We continue to think that it's as important to discuss as any other topic, including baseball," he said Tuesday. "It came up today in our advance meeting as something that we wanted to bring to the forefront."