Wade Jr. reflects on parents' support following splash hit


It's not often that a player has the opportunity to launch a home run into McCovey Cove with his parents in attendance.

For LaMonte Wade Jr. though, his splash-hit in the bottom of the fourth inning of the Giants' 8-6 win over the Houston Astros on Saturday, was extra special because of where his mom was located in the park at that moment. 

With the ball soaring right over the head of Emily Wade, LaMonte's mother, her reaction to her son's homer was priceless. 

Joined by her husband LaMonte Wade Sr., the proud parents of the Giants' rising star have been on-hand for both the series against the Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Not many players are able to claim that they've launched a home run into McCovey Cove in general, but what made his splash-hit extra special was the fact that Wade Jr.'s parents were in attendance.

“The biggest thing today was doing it in front of my mom and dad, so I thought that was pretty special," Wade Jr. said. "Then to hear everything about how my mom was out there in right field, I thought that was pretty cool.

"Just talking to them after the game, they were all excited. I think it’s more about them being here that made it more special for me.”


Asked if he has seen the video of his mother celebrating, Wade Jr. only saw what was displayed on the massive video board in center field following the home run.

“I haven’t really gotten to see the video," Wade Jr. added "I know they showed the replay on the big board out there and I was kinda laughing when I saw her out there. Just typical of my mom, she can’t sit still at the games. I’m sure my dad let her go do her thing and it just so happened that she was out there at the right time."

Emily Wade is as supportive and fun as any baseball-loving mom out there, while LaMonte's father is locked in on game days. 

“Yeah, I'm pretty sure my dad said that she was walking the whole game, just taking in the park. They really like the city, this is their first time out here in San Francisco, they really love and enjoy the ballpark. She just can’t sit still and she just wants to walk around and she just gets excited.

“My dad can play it cool, he’s calm and relaxed and sitting in his chair the whole time watching the game. But my mom has to get up and interact with people. That’s just my mom, and I love her for that.”

The son of two postal service workers, LaMonte credits his parent's tireless efforts to support him and his brother Jamal throughout their careers, dating back to when they were kids. 

“I don’t even think words can describe the kind of impact my mom and dad have had and the work that they put in for me and Jamal. Both my parents were postal service workers, they worked at night, they would have us at each and every practice on time, they would take off work sometimes and drive us to certain baseball tournaments and basketball tournaments.

"They always made sure that we had everything that we needed and [I’m] completely grateful for my mom and dad and my brother. Just really excited to have them out here to witness and be a part of this.”

It was a very special day for the Wade family, and certainly one they will cherish forever. 

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