Latest round of MLB coronavirus test results show encouraging trend


For two weeks, questions about the Giants' upcoming roster decisions have often included the phrase "if there's actually a season." While the country as a whole continues to head in the wrong direction in handling the coronavirus, MLB has seen encouraging results, as shown by the latest round of test results released less than a week from the opener. 

MLB and the MLBPA released results Friday morning showing that just six of the 10,548 samples tested over the past week came back positive. There was a five-day period in which no new positives were reported, per MLB and the MLBPA. 

This is encouraging news for a sport that is trying to become the first major one to return, and in San Francisco, the Giants have had their own optimistic run. While Hunter Bishop tested positive before camp and Luis Madero and two unidentified individuals did during intake testing, the Giants have not announced a positive test in 11 days. Madero returned to the field Thursday, and Billy Hamilton and Jarlin Garcia, who were held out for undisclosed medical reasons, have also joined the team. 

Of course, this will all get significantly harder next week. The Giants have done a good job of quarantining at a nearby hotel and in their apartments, but on Wednesday they'll fly to Los Angeles for a four-game series against the Dodgers, losing significant control over their surroundings. The major concern for those within the game is what will happen when teams start traveling. 


During camp, though, teams appear to have approached the protocols with a proper level of respect. Each team did intake testing initially and monitoring has continued since, with most players getting tested every other day or even every day. In all, MLB has done 21,701 tests with 93 coming back positive, a rate of 0.4 percent. Among the 93 positives, 80 have been players and 13 have been staffers. 

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There have been other issues, most notably a delay in getting results back. The Giants had to cancel one workout and many other teams have been in the same boat. But as far as the results go, the news seems to be encouraging. 

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