Webb enjoyed Joc trolling Brewers fans after homer last season


One of the viral moments during the Giants' 2022 MLB season occurred against the Milwaukee Brewers on April 25 at American Family Field when outfielder Joc Pederson had the final word with a heckler. 

Pederson and Giants starting pitcher Logan Webb recently appeared on Jomboy Media's "The Chris Rose Rotation," where the two revisited the incident in which Joc homered moments after getting heckled by a very loud fan.

Webb noted that the moment between Pederson and the heckler was his favorite fan interaction last season.

"We could hear it and [when Pederson] stepped out," Webb told Rose. "I think it was just funny to watch him step out, kind of look back at him. And then we didn't really know what he said at first. And then he came to the dugout and he, of course, told all of us what he said. And we heard it and it was great. And that's fantastic. The game does need more of that."

Furthermore, Pederson warned any future heckler that if he does have the last word during his at-bat, he won't be afraid to give them an earful. 

"If you say some stuff and I can hear it and it gets to my head, and then I do something that is super cool and everyone's cheering for me and I feel like Superman, then I might say some things that I shouldn't have said," Pederson told Rose. "But I got fined for it; MLB, they said I wasn't acting like a professional, which they're probably right."

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Pederson is back with the Giants after accepting a one-year, $19.65 million qualifying offer for the 2023 MLB season. The veteran hopes to replicate his 2022 NL All-Star season that saw him bat .274 with a team-leading 23 home runs and 70 RBI. 

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