Webb wants to cement legacy, remain with Giants 'for life'


Logan Webb wants to play for one team and one team only throughout his MLB career. 

Hint: That team is the orange and black. 

Webb joined Jomboy Media's Chris Rose on the latest episode of "The Chris Rose Rotation," where he was asked about a possible Giants' contract extension. The northern California native would love nothing more than to play his entire career with his hometown team. 

"I'll let the smart guys handle that sort of stuff," Webb said. "I was born in the Bay Area, in Mountain View. I grew up in Sacramento. I'd love to be in northern California for my entire career. It's definitely important to me, not only is it the security part, but I like being here, I love being a Giant, being a part of this team, this organization. I think we're really starting to change the culture around here, we started to do that in 2021 and last year was kind of a down year. We really hated that so we had to look in the mirror and say 'hey, what do we need to do, what do we need to fix? Is it a clubhouse thing' The clubhouse was great, great dudes in there, love them."

Webb not only wants to remain with the Giants but is eager to cement his legacy alongside the current and former teammates of his that helped deliver three World Series championships in five seasons. 


"We want to do what the 2010, 2012, 2014 teams did and how do we start that? So I'm excited to be a part of that, so when you want to be a part of that you want to be a part of that for a long period of time so that would be awesome. It would be incredible to be a Giant for life. I look at guys like [Brandon Crawford] and Buster [Posey]. I know [Brandon] Belt is in Toronto now, but it's always weird seeing guys like Madison Bumgarner pitching in a Diamondbacks uniform, I kind of wish he was a Giant for life for sure. Maybe I don't want to be in a different uniform at some point pitching against the Giants, I love the Giants. But yeah I'll let the smart guys do all that stuff."

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Webb and the Giants reportedly have begun discussing a possible contract extension, although there is no indication that anything is close at the moment. 

However, if and when an extension does get done, Webb will have taken a big step toward achieving his goal of being a Forever Giant. 

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